About the Class

Spring 2022 | GANT 6286A | CRN 11879 | Tuesdays 6 to 7:50pm | 6 E 16th St #1001

Shannon Mattern | matterns@newschool.edu | sign up to meet with me! 
Course Assistant: Henry Lee | henrylee@newschool.edu

In this workshop, part of the Anthropology + Design graduate minor (although open to all graduate students), we integrate critical university studies, educational anthropology, decolonizing movements, theories and methods of radical pedagogy, histories of alternative schools, and art and design work committed to institutional and pedagogical critique in order to assess the state of the American academy and imagine it otherwise. As we interrogate everything from learning architectures and evaluation systems to admissions and publishing models, we’ll engage in seminar discussions, design workshops, fieldwork exercises, and field trips; host guest speakers; and, depending upon the luck of course planning, potentially collaborate with parallel projects at other institutions. Students will create speculative syllabi and curricula; compose manifestos and critical pitch decks, and design other pedagogical materials and epistemological infrastructures.  

Nathalie du Pasquier, “Campo di Marte,” MACRO, via Socks Studio