Week 1, January 25: Introductions

Via Zak Jensen; used with permission

Welcome! I look forward to meeting all of you, and to our work together this semester! Because this is yet another anomalous pandemic semester, I sense that it’ll take another few weeks for us to get settled – and we’ll have a bit more work to do to acclimate to our environment. For this first week we’ll establish the terms of our engagement and acknowledge how our whole class can function as a fieldsite in which we’re all participant observers: everything we do – content and form – is open to meta-analysis, discussion, and reinvention. We’ll also discuss our obligations to one another and our commitments to inclusivity and privacy. 

🚨🚨 We’ll meet virtually this week! 🚨🚨

* For the anthropologists in the room, I’ve marked all anthropological / ethnographic texts with an asterisk*, just in case you’re looking for disciplinary representation 🙂 


  • Land Acknowledgement (and caveat: see Theresa Stewart-Ambo and K. Wayne Yang, “Beyond Land Acknowledgement in Settler Institutions,” Social Text 39:1 (2021)).  
  • Introductions (using Eugenia Zuroski’s “Where Do We Know From?” exercise)
  • Semester Overview + Explanation of my Choices (re: balance of reading, reading responses, discussion, in-class activities, assignments, opportunities for interdisciplinary teamwork, fieldwork, etc)
  • Community Agreement 

Today I’ll be drawing on the texts below; you needn’t read this material, but you’re welcome to do so, if you like!

Via Present & Correct; used with permission