Week 6 March 1: Individual Consultations

Martin Schweig, Untitled, 1952; via Harvard Art Museums, fair use. I Baldessaried them so we could project ourselves into this image 🙂

This week I’ll meet with each of you for a half-hour to discuss your interests, your hopes for the class, and your progress on your self-syllabus. Sign up here! You’ll receive an email confirmation, with a Zoom link, from Calendly.

To Prepare for This Week:

  • Please develop a (super-rough! partial!) draft of your self-syllabus that we can review and discuss when we meet! Your plans needn’t be finalized – it’s okay to have questions, or to be unable to choose between multiple options! – but you’ll want to have a sense of (possible) direction(s) so we can maximize our time together and focus on your areas of uncertainty.