Week 8, March 22: Fields + Disciplines

Ramon Llull’s Ars Magna; via Socks Studio

This week we’ll study the history and current conditions of the academic discipline. Drawing on research from a wide variety of fields – including especially the tradition of ethnographic “lab studies” within STS (science + technology studies) – we’ll consider how these constructs necessitate particular spaces and tools and labor practices, call for particular methods, cultivate particular epistemologies, shape our professional communities and curricula, and ultimately give rise to particular knowledge politics and ontologies. We’ll also consider alternatives to disciplinary organization – inter-, multi-, trans, or even anti- or post-disciplinary ways of organizing our knowledge institutions – and what kinds of social, political-economic, architectural, and other changes such transformations would require. 

Mid-Semester Survey + Discussion of How You’d Like to Use Our Open Weeks

Academic Object Analysis Presentations:  Helen, Cheenar, Marc, Sebastian + Ramon

In-Class Activity: Un-/Re-Disciplining the University:  In small groups, we’ll identify a few pressing social or environmental issues, imagine new (anti-?)disciplinary structures to address them, and map out the various institutional and cultural shifts required to effect those changes. 

To Prepare for This Week:

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