Week 9, March 29: Proposal Workshop, Plus a Workshop on Workshops

Your self-syllabi (i.e., final project proposals) will be due, via Google Drive, by Friday, March 25 @ 5pm ET. I’ll review and respond by Tuesday. In class, you’re each invited to take two minutes to (informally) share your plans (no need for slides!). 

Then, in the second half of class, we’ll talk about the workshop itself – as well as other species of academic events: conferences, symposia, seminars, lectures, meetings, and perhaps even salons and happenings – as academic genres, as epistemological, pedagogical, and political forms, as Foucauldian dispositifs or Bourdieuian habitus. We’ll consider how we can experiment with formats in planning our two improvisatory, crowdsourced sessions in mid-April, and in sharing our final projects in May. What kind of ambience do we want to cultivate? How do we invite people into a gathering, organize our physical and virtual spaces, design our agendas, scaffold sociality, etc? 

To Prepare for Today:

  • Because you’ll be busy finalizing your syllabi for submission, you needn’t read anything to prepare for today, but I’ll be drawing (aspirationally!!) on the list of resources below as I guide our discussion!

On Gatherings and Hospitality: