Week 14, May 3: Workshop

Michael Vanderbyl, Exhibitor Show Poster, 1986; via Letterform Archive

Based on our discussions of non-traditional learning communities, values-driven teaching and learning, and principled assessment, we’ll determine how we want to learn from and celebrate one another’s accomplishments here at the end of the semester. Perhaps we’ll opt for traditional presentations, perhaps not?  

We’ll be sharing our works in progress in two hour-long rounds of small groups, and soliciting feedback from one another!

How to Prepare for Tonight:

  • Please try your best to join us in-person.
  • Please bring a shareable version of your final projects – something necessarily rough, but still sufficiently developed to allow your classmates to understand what you hope to accomplish.
  • Please consider what kind of feedback you want from your classmates, design a feedback form* – with two or three questions – to solicit your desired responses, and bring 22 copies to class! Just in case we have some folks joining us online, please be prepared to share your form digitally, too. (* feel free to have fun with this!)