Week 15, May 10: Final Share-Out

Sonia Delaunay and Jacques Damase, Alphabet, L’École des Loisirs, Paris, 1972, Printed in Italy; via Letterform Archive

Based on our discussions of non-traditional learning communities, values-driven teaching and learning, and principled assessment, we’ll determine how we want to learn from and celebrate one another’s accomplishments here at the end of the semester. Perhaps we’ll opt for traditional presentations, perhaps not?  

As you’ve proposed, we’ll engage with and celebrate everyone’s work through an “exhibition,” followed by short, informal presentations. The exhibition will consist of student “stations” positioned around the room, which your classmates can peruse as they would exhibits in a museum, while leaving encouraging feedback via comment cards. We’ll give everyone an hour or so to meander through the room, then we’ll walk together from station to station, where each student will take two or three minutes to summarize their work.

We’ll be meeting in Room D-902!

Then, drawing on what each of us considers to be the most salient and critical concerns in “redesigning the academy” – building more vibrant, inclusive, accessible, relevant, just spaces for knowledge production and creative practice – we’ll use the last portion of our final class to create a collaborative manifesto

To Prepare for Class:

  • Please make every effort to join us in-person!
  • Please prepare a rudimentary “exhibit” – something that would allow your classmates to engage with your work in ~three minutes. Your exhibit could take any of a variety of forms:
    • a simple poster;
    • a self-guided “demo” on your own laptop;
    • a super-short slide show that you then print out on 8.5×11″ paper and post on the wall;
    • a collection of captioned objects;
    • a print-out of a paper with a few key passages highlighted
    • We don’t want this to create a great deal of additional work for you – so please keep it simple!
    • And please keep in mind that your exhibit should “speak for itself”; you won’t be standing nearby to provide instructions or context – because you’ll be circling the room, enjoying your classmates’ work!

Your projects are then due by 5pm on Friday, May 13. You’ll find submission instructions on our Requirements page.